5 Postpartum Care Tips and How TCM Supports Mothers During Confinement
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5 Postpartum Care Tips & How TCM Supports Mothers During Confinement

The entire pregnancy process from conceiving to giving birth is no easy feat for mothers. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), women who have just given birth may be more vulnerable to external pathogens, while childbirth is also associated with imbalance due to blood loss during the process.

This is why postpartum care, especially during the confinement period, is often one of the most important aspects following pregnancy to help women regain full health and vitality. The confinement period is usually one-month-long and involves using herbs and taking note of some do’s and don’ts. 

Read on to find out more about postpartum care tips as well as how TCM supports mothers during confinement. 

Postpartum care tips according to TCM

1. Avoid cold foods and drinks

It is only natural for a woman’s body and immune system to become weakened after giving birth. Hence, TCM advises against consuming cold foods and drinks that may cause you to fall sick. 

This is also why ‘warm’ foods like ginger and sesame oil, and confinement herbs are recommended, as they will help your body to expel any ‘coldness’. 

You should also keep your body, especially the abdomen area covered and avoid direct exposure to air conditioning or fans. 

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2. Avoid going out as much as possible

The first month after giving birth is crucial for mothers to recuperate, heal and rejuvenate to prepare themselves for busier months ahead. Thus, avoiding leaving the house as much as possible during confinement is recommended from TCM’s perspective. 

This is to ensure that you get sufficient rest and prevent pathogens outside from causing you to fall sick. You may also wish to limit the number of visitors you have over on a daily basis, as the bacteria and germs they carry from outdoors to indoors may impact you and your newborn’s health. 

3. Pay extra attention to confinement meals

Of course, having nutritious meals is also another key aspect during the confinement period for mothers. This is to help your body replenish the nutrients that it had lost during childbirth and to aid in expelling the ‘cold’ in the body to speed up recovery. 

Some popular confinement-friendly foods include fish soup and pig trotter’s soup to help with breastfeeding, proteins like chicken and pork for postnatal recovery and tonic wine (which can be included in soups and dishes) to boost blood circulation and improve breast milk supply. 

You can also consider referring to a confinement herbs list for items you can include in your daily meals for extra nourishment. 

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4. Avoid strenuous activities

While exercises are probably the last thing on your mind after giving birth, doing simple stretching exercises to keep active can actually help with reducing the risk of postpartum depression and facilitating healing. 

However, take note that strenuous exercises should be avoided as overstraining any wounds will impede your healing process. 

5. Maintain good hygiene

A common myth is that you will have to avoid showering for the entire month during confinement but this is not true! Bathing is advisable to help you maintain good hygiene, especially when there will be a vaginal discharge that contains a mixture of blood, mucous, and vaginal tissues that can potentially cause an infection if not cleaned. 

All you must do is ensure your bath water is warm and dry your body and hair completely after showering. 

You can also try adding confinement herbs to your bath water to repel dampness and expel ‘wind’, all while aiding in blood circulation.

Thomson Chinese Medicine’s 28-Day Herbal Care Programme

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If you are a mum-to-be looking to reap the benefits of TCM and confinement herbs, consider Thomson Chinese Medicine’s 28-Day Herbal Care Programme

It comes with sachets and capsules that target the three stages of postpartum recovery – uterus recovery, digestive wellness and breastfeeding, and vitality booster. All of these aim to improve your overall health, digestive functions, strengthen joints and muscles, nourish the blood and build a steady supply of breast milk. 

The confinement herbs are also customised according to your condition and needs, and they do not require hours of brewing before consumption. Simply mix the powder with warm water for a comforting drink. 

It is recommended that you consult with our TCM physicians after your delivery so that you get a confinement herbs prescription that can speed up your postpartum recovery, as well as increase your breastmilk supply, tailored to you

Get in touch with us to find out more!

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