Common Conditions That TCM In Singapore Effectively Treats
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7 Common Conditions In Singapore That TCM Clinics Treat

Although Singapore’s healthcare system is primarily based on Western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) still enjoys huge popularity and is often deemed a complementary option. 

Due to cultural influences and proper accreditation of TCM practitioners, Singaporeans are receptive and many turn to TCM as an alternative to treat some common ailments. 

In this article, we will be sharing 7 common conditions in Singapore that people seek TCM treatments for – read on to find out more. 

1. Infertility

According to SingHealth, about 12% of couples in Singapore are unable to conceive within a year of trying for a baby. While most tend to think that the fault lies with the woman, infertility can be due to both the man and woman – an irregular menstrual cycle or erectile dysfunction play a part in affecting the chances of conceiving. 

Therefore, TCM in Singapore aims to help boost fertility in men and women naturally and can even be adopted as a complement to IVF and IUI treatments. Acupuncture can promote conception and boost fertility in women while certain herbal medicines can help to address concerns over sperm count and sperm mobility

2. Confinement Care

The first month after giving birth, also known as the confinement period, is the most crucial for mothers to recuperate and rejuvenate. This is also the best month to nourish the body and restore its energy to optimal levels, according to TCM

During this period, confinement herbs prescribed by TCM clinics in Singapore will assist mothers in focusing on uterus recovery, improve their overall health and digestive functions, warm the body to expel ‘dampness’ and ‘wind’, and strengthen the joints and muscles.

TCM Clinic in Singapore Confinement

3. Common Conditions in Children

While children are still young, their immune systems tend to be weak and they fall sick easily. Some common health conditions faced by children include digestive issues like indigestion and poor eating habits, respiratory problems such as flu and allergies, eyesight concerns like myopia, and sleep and psychological issues like crying incessantly and hyperactivity. 

This is when TCM comes in, as gentle paediatric massages and herbal packs can regulate digestion, build up the body’s resistance against diseases, and restore balance and calm nerves. These non-invasive treatment methods are suitable for children from six months to six years old

4. Pain Management

Acupuncture plays an important role in TCM treatments and is often used to manage bodily pains such as migraine, headache, body ache, frozen shoulder, menstrual pain and more. It involves inserting fine needles into the skin at acupoints to release endorphins, a natural painkiller that will reduce pain in return. 

Most people feel deeply relaxed following a session of acupuncture but it is also worth noting that sometimes, a more holistic approach is required if symptoms do not improve. 

Your physician at a TCM clinic in Singapore might also prescribe herbal medicines to go hand in hand with acupuncture for quicker results. 

5. Stroke Rehabilitation

Apart from relieving pain, acupuncture can also help to speed up recovery for those who have suffered a stroke. It aims to improve blood circulation in the brain and boost oxygen supply to affected areas all while dissipating blood clots. 

The end result is the recovery of bodily functions as much as possible so that stroke survivors can regain their quality of life. It is advisable to start treatment within the first six months of suffering a stroke. 

Skin issues TCM Clinic in Singapore

6. Skin Issues

Facial acupuncture is a real thing in TCM and has skin benefits like repairing the skin barrier, hydrating it from within and rejuvenating for brighter skin. It involves making small, controlled wounds to the skin to trigger fibroblast production which is responsible for producing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. 

Certain TCM clinics in Singapore may even include gua sha and jade rolling in the treatment for even more pampering of your skin. 

7. Weight Management

Although less known, TCM can also aid in weight loss since fat tissues are deemed as excess dampness or phlegm. Acupuncture can actually control your cravings and appetite while restoring your body’s balance and increasing your metabolism levels to burn fats off quicker. 

It also gets rid of water retention and improves your digestive functions so you can lose weight the healthy way and achieve sustainable results. 

With a better understanding of how TCM treats these common conditions, consider visiting a TCM clinic in Singapore for tailored treatments according to your body constitution

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