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How TCM Helps to Fight Against COVID-19

COVID-19 or coronavirus is categorised under “epidemic disease” in TCM and is said to be caused by pathogenic factors including heat, cold-damp, toxins and stagnation. COVID-19 is often spread through respiratory droplets and it will first attack the lungs, causing flu-like symptoms.

Thomson Chinese Medicine shares some TCM treatments and lifestyle changes to help tackle infections and boost immune function, especially during this outbreak.

1. TCM Treatments and Herbal Medicine

TCM believes that the Lung is not only responsible for breathing, it also dominates the vital energy (Qi) of the entire body. In order for the Lung to function at its optimum, it needs to receive nutritional Qi from the Spleen. When the Lung function is compromised, the general principle of treating is to identify the underlying disharmony in the organs and release it from the body.

A mixture of herbs such as 麻黄 Ma Huang, 桂枝 Gui Zhi, 金银花 Jin Yin Hua, 杏仁 Xin Ren, and 白术 Bai Zhu can be used to release invading pathogens, disperse Lung Qi and support the Spleen.

While everyone has different body constitution, our physicians can tailor a TCM treatment according to the patient’s conditions and needs.

2. TCM Acupuncture

Moxibustion or acupuncture on these 5 acupuncture points, 神阙 Shen Que, 关元 Guan Yuan, 气海 Qi Hai, 中脘 Zhong Wan, 足三里 Zu San Li, can warm up the Yang energy to dispel cold-damp and improve overall immunity.

3. Support the Spleen for Stronger Immunity

For a strong immune system, it is important to also adopt a healthy lifestyle to support healing. Our physicians in Singapore share some tips to support your immune system:

  • Avoid raw food and eat warm cooked food.
    This will ensure the digestive fire is strong and you can better digest and absorb adequate nutrients.
  • Avoid a diet that is rich in sugar, processed and greasy food.
    Too much of these can create dampness and hinder the Spleen function. It can also negatively affect the gut microbiome which may cascade into a chronic low-grade inflammation.
  • Eat more vegetables, fruits, probiotic foods, healthy fats, lean protein and drink adequate amount of warm water.

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