How TCM Supports Women's Health Throughout Their Life Cycles
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How TCM Supports Women’s Health Throughout Their Life Cycles

Did you know that women and men have different natural ageing processes according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? These ageing processes are often referred to as “life cycles” and are counted in years of eight for men and years of seven for women. 

The concept of life cycles originated from one of the most well-known textbooks in TCM, the Huang Di Nei Jing, which dates back as early as 2000 years ago. 

TCM believes in supporting women using herbs and treatments such as acupuncture throughout their life cycles, especially because a woman’s life goes through tremendous changes from puberty to fertility and childbirth. 

In this article, we will be covering the different life cycles in women as well as how TCM plays a part in supporting their health during these times. 

Age 7

At 7 years old, a woman’s Kidney energy becomes abundant and her teeth change while her hair starts growing stronger. It is also when her reproductive system starts to develop. The Kidney plays an important role in this stage, as they control the urinary system and aid in the growing, developing and reproducing abilities of the woman. 

However, some common conditions in children may appear at this stage too, including poor digestion, a weak respiratory system, myopia, and difficulty falling asleep that will affect a child’s growth and development. This is where TCM can assistpaediatric massages help to increase the child’s Qi and Blood flow and when paired with herbal packs, these massages help to boost their organic health and regulate their immune system, reducing the tendency of them falling sick. 

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Age 14

Puberty is usually in full swing by the time a woman reaches 14 years old and that is also when menstruation starts. Her Ren (sea of yin) and Chong (sea of blood) channels become prosperous at this stage too. 

Unfortunately, it is also when teenagers will experience period cramps, feel weak from a heavy flow or have an irregular period, but TCM treatments such as acupuncture can improve blood circulation and regulate Yin and Yang harmony. Herbs can also help the blood to flow properly in the body, preventing irregular periods. 

Age 21

Just like how 21 is often considered the coming of age where people transition from childhood to adulthood, a woman’s fertility energy also increases at this stage. Additionally, her Kidney energy is more balanced and her body grows to full height. 

Age 28

At 28 years old, a woman’s body is typically at its prime condition with fertility energy at its peak – great for those looking to conceive. Her bones and muscles are also strong at this stage. 

Alas, this does not mean that everything is always smooth sailing. Some women may also experience a hard time conceiving but can attempt acupuncture for fertility as an alternative. Using an all-natural approach to boost fertility and enhance the chances of natural conception, acupuncture helps to alleviate pain, unblock Qi, and increase blood flow to the organs. 

Herbal medicine is often prescribed to go hand in hand with acupuncture for fertility to balance any disharmonies in the body. 

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Age 35

A woman’s condition tends to gradually decline from this stage with signs of ageing appearing, such as wrinkles, hair fall and a decrease in fertility energy. However, women at this age can still conceive so going through acupuncture for fertility may still be helpful. 

On the other hand, putting more effort into nourishing a woman’s body during the confinement period after giving birth is even more essential at this stage, although it is also necessary for younger ladies. One such way is to consume confinement herbs as they help to heal the mother’s body and allow her to recover faster. The herbs have a variety of benefits, such as aiding in uterus recovery, promoting digestive wellness, improving overall health, warming the body, strengthening joints and muscles, and many more. 

Age 42

At this stage, women may find that their physical energy is depleting quicker and more signs of ageing are showing up, such as white hair, deeper wrinkles and sagging skin. It is also more challenging for women to conceive at this age. 

While this is not surprising, what is even more astonishing to most is that TCM has aesthetic benefits too. In fact, facial acupuncture can be done for better skin as the small wounds trigger fibroblast production which is responsible for producing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for a more youthful appearance. Some TCM clinics in Singapore also offer additional treatments like using gua sha and a jade roller for even more obvious results. 

Age 49

Finally, at 49 years old, a woman’s Ren and Chong channels continue declining while some may also experience menopause at this stage. Bodily pains may appear, causing disruptions to daily life.

Thankfully, TCM will be able to help manage these conditions with acupuncture, herbs and dietary changes. 

Now that you understand more about women’s life cycles and how TCM can help, consider visiting a TCM clinic in Singapore for tailored TCM care. Get in touch with us to learn more. 

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