TCM Fertility Diet: Foods to Boost Chances of Conceiving

The fertility rate in Singapore has taken a dip since the 2000s. As you can imagine, there can be a lot of factors influencing a woman’s fertility. While many of these cannot be controlled, adopting a healthy diet is one that you have control over. Having a healthy body weight and nutrition significantly impact a woman’s ability to conceive.

Based on Harvard Medical School’s research, a healthy diet and the correct lifestyle choices can help boost fertility for males and females. Whether you plan to conceive right now or not, paying regular visits to your TCM fertility physician in Singapore and looking after your body is always a good start if you want a baby in the future. Below is a list of foods that would be beneficial to your health when trying to conceive.

Chinese Red Dates

This fruit is very popular in China, as they mainly use it in their everyday dishes and their traditional medicines. In TCM, red dates are used to nourish the blood and Qi. It is particularly helpful for women who have blood deficiency issues. Red date contains the polysaccharide Zizyphus-pectin A. It is a good source of many nutrients, including vitamin C which is essential for a healthy reproductive system in both men and women. For women, vitamin C boosts fertility, improves hormone levels, protects immune system health, and helps in iron absorption. For men, vitamin C may increase sperm count, quality and motility, thereby improving fertility.


Walnuts are a bit of a unicorn on the nut world hence being singled out in this list. They are the only nuts that have an excellent source of fertility essentials omega 3 fatty acid and alpha-linoleic acid (ALA). ALA is a precursor for your body to make DHA, an essential fatty acid for the fetal brain development of your future child. Also, walnuts are rich in magnesium, an important mineral for balancing progesterone and blood flow to the uterus, which lessen the risk of any unwanted miscarriages.

Another important point about the study is that the type of fats eaten directly affects the quality of a man’s sperm. Diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in walnuts, are associated with healthier sperm quality and production levels.

Maca Herb

Maca has been in use for thousands of years as a fertility-enhancing medicinal. It is indigenous to the Peruvian Andes and is like a turnip. It acts as an adaptogen, helping the body cope during times of increased stress, but it may also affect androgens (testosterone) in both men and women. It is unclear if it affects actual levels of testosterone or just the receptor, but it has been shown in both male and female mice to affect fertility positively.

Monk’s Hand Fruit

Monk’s hand fruit is native to southern China and named after the monks who first discovered it centuries ago. The health benefits of the fruit have been well-known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for decades, its natural compounds make it safe for pregnant women who need glucose intake to have the right amount of motor energy but at the same time regulate their insulin level into a safe one.

Tangerine Peel

The peel has been used in the treatment of low blood pressure which is crucial when trying to conceive, a woman must have stable blood pressure if she was to give birth. This is also used to control morning sickness by regulating the flow of Qi in the digestive system in pregnant women and used to support male sexual problems, including low sperm count, impotence, and premature ejaculation.

Fatty Fish

Salmon, sardines, and other fatty fishes are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids play an important role in contraception specifically promoting ovulation, which is a key component of fertility. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) from fatty fish can support in balancing progesterone, which is one of the most important hormones women need to maintain a pregnancy post-conception.

Besides salmon, trout, sardines, and other fatty fish, you’ll also find omega-3s in, flaxseed, grass-fed beef, chia seeds, and more.

Plant-Based Protein

Yes, proteins can also be acquired from plants and not just meat. Some TCM fertility clinics in Singapore would advocate for plant-based proteins because they are higher in antioxidants compared to animal protein which deactivates free radicals in the body that can damage sperm and egg cells. By switching for plant-based proteins like quinoa, lentils, nuts, beans, and seeds you would be getting a higher amount of protein that is needed for the production of newborn cells and tissue while lessening the substantial risk of infertility.

However, keep in mind that you do not need to be eating leaves all the time to boost your fertility. So while vegetables play an important role in a fertility diet, there are also plant-based proteins like legumes and tofu that with a little twist can be as savoury as meat.

High-Fibre Foods

Fibre is a crucial component of a healthy diet, especially when you are trying to conceive. Estrogen-dominance is a state where women have too much estrogen compared to progesterone, which throws off fertility. By increasing fibre-intake, it helps women to not just establish a healthy weight, a key for fertility, but also to rid the body of extra estrogen through bowel movements.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans are all great sources of fibre.

Proper diet and a good lifestyle is key to fertility

Also keep in mind that during menstruation, it is better to consume warm and cooked foods and avoid too much cold and raw food to ensure smooth menstrual flow which is crucial when trying to conceive. Becoming a mother and giving birth to another being is the essence of being a woman, so it is up to each and every woman to look after her own body and health, know which foods and nutrients she needs to achieve an improved lifestyle and diet necessary for fertility and childbirth.

Aside from natural nutrients, you can also boost your fertility in another traditional way. Try TCM treatments including acupuncture for fertility by consulting our TCM physician today.

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