Take a Fertility Quiz TCM

TCM Fertility Quiz

Preparing to conceive or about to go through IVF/IUI procedures to fulfil your baby dreams? Have you ever wondered if your body is ready for it or if you’ll need some additional help to improve your chances at the ART procedures you are about to go through?

You may have heard from some friends and colleagues on the TCM treatments they sought to optimise their health for fertility or other related conditions and wonder if it would be beneficial for you as well.

With our stressful working environment and fast paced lifestyle, health concerns (e.g., insomnia, indigestion) may already surface but we often overlook them and deem them as trivial. However, from a TCM perspective, these concerns do indicate a lack of harmony in our body and this will compromise our chances of conceiving a healthy baby. Thomson Chinese Medicine is here to help!

With this short quiz, you will be able to self-assess your current health status and if you would need to get some professional TCM help to enhance your chances of conception. We do not want to take any chances with our fertility journey and treating our body right is definitely the first step of the way!

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