Earth Element

The Earth Element

Earth Element

The Earth element, one of the TCM 5 elements, is associated with Spleen and its partner organ, Stomach which are in charge of digestion. Digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, IBS is all related to the Earth element.

Earth is also responsible for Dampness. This is a concept in TCM where the spleen is incapable of transporting and transforming body fluids, leading to an accumulation of excess moisture within the body. Water retention, hard to lose weight due to water, sluggishness, brain fog is all due to damp.

Acupuncture Tips

For the Earth element, ST 36 Zu San Li and SP 6 San Yin Jiao are two commonly used acupoints.

When pressing the points, remember to:

  • Apply firm and deep pressure
  • Take long and deep breaths while pressing
  • Set the intention and focus your energy on the point that you are pressing
  • Press firmly for 15 seconds followed by 5 seconds release, and continue for about 5 minutes for each point
  • Press on a regular basis as acupuncture works cumulatively

Do note to avoid pressing some points if you are pregnant

Earth Acupressure Points

 Lifestyle Tips

  1. Earth is related to SWEET. These refer to naturally sweet food such as sweet potato, yam, grains, dates, or dried fruits.
  2. Avoid cold and raw food as this will put out the digestive fire and make digestion sluggish.
  3. Avoid greasy food, high fat, very starchy food as these are hard to digest and may add to dampness. Add in some warm and drying herbs like ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and other spices to eliminate gas and excess moisture.
  4. Do some lightweight exercises to improve fluid circulation.
  5. Earth types tend to overperform as a caretaker and spread themselves too thinly. Hence, it is important to develop good boundaries, be able to say “no” and not to over worry about the things you cannot control.
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