The Metal Element

TCM Metal Element

Metal element, one of the TCM 5 elements, is associated with Lung and its partner organ, Large Intestine.

  • Those who belong to the Metal element can be flexible and malleable. But when it’s unbalanced, one can become “solid” and appear to be indifferent, very formal, and seem distant.
  • The organs related to Metal are Lung. Hence, you may experience respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, cough, or sore throat if Metal is deficient.
  • Metal is related to the skin and pores. Therefore, you may become sensitive to temperature change and have dry skin or hair.
  • Lung’s partner organ is Large Intestine. Hence, constipation or colon issues are common symptoms.

Acupuncture Tips

For Metal element, LU 9 Tai Yuan and CV6 Qi Hai are two commonly used acupoints.

When pressing the points, remember to:

  • Apply firm and deep pressure
  • Take long and deep breaths while pressing
  • Set the intention and focus your energy on the point that you are pressing
  • Press firmly for 15 seconds followed by 5 seconds release, and continue for about 5 minutes for each point
  • Press on regular basis as acupuncture works cumulatively

Do note to avoid pressing some points if you are pregnant.

metal acupressure

Lifestyle Tips

  1.  The taste associated with Metal is PUNGENT. It is similar to spicy but pungent food is more aromatic and has a dispersing action that goes up and outwards. Try wasabi, mustard, Sichuan pepper, mint, and tangerine peel.
  2. Take moderate fluid intake to retain skin moisture.
  3. Take high fiber food to help eliminate waste and prevent constipation as Metal is related to the Large Intestine.
  4. Aerobic exercise and deep breathing exercises can benefit the Lung.
  5. Metal is related to sadness. Take time to let go of old habits or old ways of thinking and try to be spontaneous at times. Metal tend to strive for perfection which can be a source of disappointment including yourself.
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