What is Xiao Er Tui Na

Through such massage, our children’s body constitution can be improved without the need to consume medications. TCM Paediatric Massage uses simple techniques that emphasize on speed, strength and immunity to either build up the child’s natural immunity or to purge out pathogenic factors when the child is sick.

Xiao Er Tui Na has its origin dated from the Tang dynasty where ancient Chinese used this Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massage for their children. A famous physician in the Tang dynasty named Sun Si Miao ( 孙思邈) advocated that “小儿虽无病, 早起常以膏摩囟上及手足心, 甚辟寒风” – even if the child is healthy, have the habit of massaging his/her head and the center of their hands and feet every morning, will build up their immunity against flu and influenza.

The tenets of Xiao Er Tui Na (massage for children)

Prevention”, “Enhancement” and “Cure” are the tenets for massage for children. Traditional Chinese Medicine has the concept of “Prevention”, ie to build up the positive energy (正气) in our body. Such positive energy in the body act as a shield for our children protecting them from the negative energy that causes illnesses on them. “Enhancement” – TCM recognises that each and every individual is different, their physique differ from each other. Hence, a personalise treatment program, in terms of medications, massage or acupuncture is needed to enhance the overall body constitutions. Such body enhancement will have a long-lasting effect that will continue to benefit them even when they grow and venture into their adulthood. “Cure” – if there is an alternative way to cure an illnesses without the use of medication, such will always be a preferred means. Xiao Er Tui Na can achieve such effect without the need to consume medications. However, the efficacy of the treatment differs from each individual, largely depending on the duration where the illness has been suffered.

Who can benefit from Xiao Er Tui Na (massage for children)?

Our children suffer from different illnesses at different stages. Some are more prone to these illnesses while the others have more immunity. The following are some common illnesses at different age. If your child often suffers from these, you might want to consider Xiao Er Tui Na to build up their immunity.

    • Fever due to vaccination
    • Frequent flu and cough
    • Abdominal discomfort
    • Colic
    • Constipation
    • Poor eating habits
    • Abdominal pain and discomfort
    • Vomiting
    • Constipation
    • Influenza and chronic cough
    • Anxiety
    • Imbalanced nutrition, under weight
    • Pain related to growth development
    • Constipation
    • Discomfort related to adolescent development

Effects of Xiao Er Tui Na (massage for children)

Body functions enhancement. Clinical research has proven that the TCM acu-points and meridian lines have the effect of balancing the “Qi” and “Blood” (气血) circulation in the human body. Such acu-points and meridians also play a vital role in regulating the “Ying” and “Yang” (阴阳) elements in our body. Hence, by massaging on these acu-points along the corresponding meridian lines, it has the effect of enhanced the immunity system of the child and at the same time regulate the “qi”, “blood”, “Ying” and “Yang” elements in their body as a whole to achieve overall wellness.

Mitigate pain and Alleviate discomfort. Xiao Er Tui Na is able to mitigate pain and alleviate the discomfort that the child is experiencing. Such massage therapy has a reflective effects onto the related organs , ie the lungs, kidney, liver, heart and spleen, to achieve the required therapeutic effects on the child. Such healing effects are applicable to a wide range of illnesses that includes fever, flu, cough, asthma, abdominal pain and discomfort, constipation, anorexia, malnutrition, colic, bed-wetting, myopia and muscular torticollis (stiff neck).

Build up body resistance against illnesses. Xiao Er Tui Na builds up the body resistance against diseases. Through the therapeutic actions on the acu-points along the meridians, the “qi’ and ‘blood” flow of the child is regulated to its desired level. Such equilibrium is vital in achieving overall wellness, it also have the effect of preventing the disease from worsening

TCM for Children is available at Paragon and Waterway Point.

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