We have a piece of exciting news to share—our fourth TCM clinic at Novena Specialist Centre had started operating on 18 February 2022!

Thomson Chinese Medicine at Novena Specialist Centre

Reception area at Thomson Chinese Medicine (Novena Specialist Centre)

Thomson Chinese Medicine was first established in 2009 to support fertility patients undergoing IVF. Since then, we have expanded and come a long way, evolving to become a multi-disciplinary practice, meeting the different healthcare needs of our patients. Our specialties include fertility treatments, confinement care, menstrual wellness, pain management, children’s health, stroke rehabilitation and more!

Visit us at our new TCM clinic:

Address: 8 Sinaran Drive, Novena Specialist Centre, #04-09, Singapore 307470

To enquire or schedule an appointment, contact us at: +65 6334 3335 or email: [email protected]

Bundle Trial at $128*

1 session TCM consultation & acupuncture or cupping +
1 session medical aesthetics consultation

Book an appointment at 6352 5800 or use the appointment request form below.

Lose Weight with TCM & Medical Aesthetics

Acupuncture and Cupping at Thomson Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture for weight loss aims to restore the body’s natural balance and improve metabolism to shed excess weight. For the trial session, it will start with a detailed consultation and checking of the tongue and pulse. Based on your body type and symptoms, acupuncture or cupping treatment will be done for approximately 15 minutes. Acupuncture involves fine needles to be inserted into specific points of the body to stimulate your metabolism and digestive functions. Cupping involves suction created in the cups that are placed on the skin.  This helps to improve lymph circulation to get rid of excess fluid retention to support weight loss.

Tone and Tighten with Chelsea Aesthetics @ Thomson Wellth

Each trial session includes an in-depth consultation with a medical aesthetic doctor, whereby you can enquire and consult on the available treatments.

At Chelsea Aesthetics @ Thomson Wellth, multiple body concerns can be addressed, from eliminating fat to muscle building to cellulite reduction with FDA-approved treatments. Some of the body contouring treatments available are:

*Terms and Conditions:

Bell’s Palsy is caused by inflammation of 7th cranial nerve affecting the regions of the face. This can result in:

Acupuncture treatment can help to:

Early treatment is key.

Book a consultation at 6694 5565 or use the appointment request form below and indicate “NUH Medical Centre” as your preferred clinic.

While the Phase 2 reopening is a good news to be celebrated, it doesn’t mean that we have won the battle against COVID-19. Many places are strengthening their prevention measures and we should also step up to protect ourselves from the possible surge.

Aimed to support your health and well-being after the Phase 2 reopening, we bring together our TCM treatments and best-selling health products, just for you.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Body and skin health starts from the inside out. Thomson Chinese Medicine provides holistic approaches to improve your overall well-being and health, and not only when you are unwell. Our team of physicians are dedicated to provide TCM care and professional advice on your diet and lifestyle, customised according to an individual.

Begin your wellness journey with our Welcome Wellness Pack where you can experience one of the below TCM services at first trial price!

TCM Welcome Wellness Pack

Come together with your family and friends, and you may be rewarded with a $20 cash voucher*!

How it works?

  1. Share the Welcome Wellness Pack to your friends
  2. Spend After each friend make an appointment and complete the treatment
  3. Earn You get awarded a $20 cash voucher

*Referrer must be an existing customer. Referrer is entitled to one $20 cash voucher for each friend referred. The more people you refer, the more you get!

Introducing the NEW Constitutional Facial Acupuncture that is tailored according to your body type. In TCM, the 4 common body constitutional types include:

  1. Deficiency 虚
  2. Heat 热
  3. Cold 寒
  4. Stagnation 瘀

By identifying which type you belong to, Physician Zhou will tailor a facial treatment that will help your body to balance and energise from the inside out. Treatment includes facial acupuncture and other techniques such as ear seeds and body guasha.

The benefits include:

Book an appointment with Physician Zhou Chun today. Call us at 6694 5565 or submit an appointment request form below and indicate “NUH Medical Centre” as your preferred clinic.

Terms and Conditions:

We are pleased to inform that our flagship clinic at Blk 1 Thomson Road has moved to bigger premises in the heart of Orchard with effect from 2 April 2019.

Our operating hours as follow:
Mon, Wed and Sat: 8.30am – 7.30pm
Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sun: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Closed on Public Holidays

Please contact us at 6352 5800 or [email protected] if you have any queries.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to continue serving you and your family!

We are excited to share that our new clinic is now open at Waterway Point from July 2018!

As part of our Opening Special, we are offering Consultation with Acupuncture / 5 days of Chinese Medicine / Paediatric Massage at $48* for all first-time patients.

PLUS, receive our limited edition tote bag for free if you are the first 50 patients of this branch. So drop us a visit at #02-27 (near Wonderland in West Wing) soon!

We look forward to serving your families in achieving holistic health & wellness with TCM.

*Terms & Conditions:

Other T&Cs apply

Please book your appointments via the appointment request form on the right and indicate “Waterway Point” as your preferred clinic.

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