Post image of First Trial: Begin Your TCM Wellness Journey with Us!

First Trial: Begin Your TCM Wellness Journey with Us!

Body and skin health starts from the inside out. Thomson Chinese Medicine provides holistic approaches to improve your overall well-being and health, and not only when you are unwell. Our team of physicians are dedicated to provide TCM care and professional advice on your diet and lifestyle, customised according to an individual.

Begin your wellness journey with our Welcome Wellness Pack where you can experience one of the below TCM services at first trial price!

TCM Welcome Wellness Pack

Come together with your family and friends, and you may be rewarded with a $20 cash voucher*!

How it works?

  1. Share the Welcome Wellness Pack to your friends
  2. Spend After each friend make an appointment and complete the treatment
  3. Earn You get awarded a $20 cash voucher

*Referrer must be an existing customer. Referrer is entitled to one $20 cash voucher for each friend referred. The more people you refer, the more you get!

For enquiry or appointment request, kindly fill up the form and we will get back to you by the next working day.

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