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Ho Wee Kok

TCM Physician
Diploma in TCM (Singapore College of TCM)

“As a child coming from a Chinese family I used to visit the TCM physician much more often than Western practitioners. Even as the vast array of herbs and medicines impressed me, I was especially intrigued by acupuncture, and how by simply sticking needles into a body could heal. Fast forward 2 decades or so later, I happened to consult a TCM physician who gave me information on how to be certified in the Chinese Medicine field. As a result, I have gathered vast amounts of knowledge and experience as a TCM practitioner, in both acupuncture and Chinese herbs.”

Mr Ho graduated from the Singapore College of TCM. Over the years, he has been applying acupuncture techniques to treat various internal medicine conditions and pain management. He has keen interests in TCM Andrology, Gynaecology, Pain Management, Mental Wellness, Gastrointestinal Health as well as TCM Dermatology.

Mr Ho is a fully registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician with the TCM Practitioners Board and a member of the Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association.


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