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Ou Cui Liu

Senior TCM Physician
PhD in TCM (Nanjing University of TCM)
Bachelor of TCM (Guangzhou University of TCM)

“I am born into a family with three generations of medical practitioners. My grandparents had been TCM practitioners since 1930s, and my mother was a GP practicing both western medicine and acupuncture. This has inspired me to explore better treatment approaches to help patients and I strongly believe there is vast potential in TCM that remains untapped!”

Dr Ou graduated from the Guangzhou University of TCM and worked as a TCM Physician at the Rongqi Hospital (Guangdong, China) before relocating to Singapore.

In Singapore, she is a senior TCM Physician as well as a lecturer at the Singapore College of TCM. She obtained her PhD in TCM from the Nanjing University of TCM in 2009. Dr Ou has keen interests in the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine for TCM Gynaecology, internal medicine and weight management.

Dr Ou is a fully registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician with the TCM Practitioners Board.

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