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Tham Yoke Mei

TCM Physician
Bachelor of TCM (Guangzhou University of TCM)

“I have long been intrigued by the profound knowledge and wisdom found in classical doctrines like ‘Huangdi Neijing’. Evidence shows that by maintaining harmony and balance within the body and utilising acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, we can complement Western medicine and enhance patient well-being. My aim is to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

Physician Tham holds a Bachelor of TCM from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. During her clinical attachments, she worked with specialists in Gynaecology and Acupuncture. Her interests lie in fertility, TCM gynaecology, pain management, postpartum care, and gastrointestinal care.

Physician Tham is a fully registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician with the TCM Practitioners Board and a member of the Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association.

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