Zhang Lin TCM Physician

Zhang Lin

TCM Physician
Bachelor of TCM (Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine)

“I have found great inspiration and resonance in the words of E. L. Trudeau, who once said, ‘To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always.’ As a TCM physician, my commitment lies in understanding my patients’ needs, alleviating their pain, and supporting their journey towards recovery.”

Physician Zhang Lin is a graduate of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, where she received the distinction of being the Outstanding Graduate in her cohort. Since her university days, she has held a deep interest in women’s health & wellness management.

In addition to her expertise in TCM gynaecology, Zhang Lin’s interests also include insomnia, gastroenterology and pain management.

Zhang Lin is a fully registered TCM physician with the TCM Practitioners Board and a member of the Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association.

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