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Self-Care Routines to Boost Fertility

Preparing for pregnancy or in the process of doing IUI or IVF? Foot bath and moxibustion are useful self-care routines y …

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TCM Fertility Diet: Foods to Boost Chances of Conceiving

A healthy diet and lifestyle choices can boost fertility and paying regular visits to your fertility physician and looki …

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Four Reasons to Choose TCM for Natural Fertility Treatments

In a perfect world, conceiving a child when a couple is ready should be a straightforward matter.

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Maintaining Healthy Menstrual Cycle with Acupuncture

There are four important milestones in a woman’s reproductive life – menstruation, pregnancy, labour and menopause.

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Treating Male Infertility Naturally

According to TCM theory, the common causes of male infertility include Kidney weakness, Liver Qi stagnation, blockage of …

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