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Thomson Chinese Medicine Celebrates IWD

Thomson Chinese Medicine Celebrates International Women’s Day by Empowering Single Parents with TCM Knowledge

Date: Saturday, 9 March 2024

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Thomson Chinese Medicine partnered with HCSA Dayspring Spin to support and prioritise the well-being of single parents through an educational event. Our Head of Thomson Chinese Medicine, Physician Seah Ai Wei, shared about the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), equipping the participants with valuable tools for self-care and achieving optimal health through the wisdom of TCM.

Investing in the Wellness 

During her session, Physician Seah delved into the Five Elements Theory, a foundational concept in TCM. This allowed the participants to gain insights into how understanding their unique elemental makeup can help them to:

  • Identify potential imbalances: Recognising areas of excess or stagnant energy can be the first step towards addressing health concerns.
  • Embrace a holistic approach: The Five Elements encompass emotions, lifestyle choices, and their association with the different body parts/organs.

Physician Seah also provided practical guidance on certain acupuncture points that can address specific health concerns specifically for each of the 5 elements.

Discover Your Dominant Element: Take Our Quiz!

Curious to learn more about your own TCM element? Take our short and informative quiz to discover your dominant element and gain personalised insights into your health and well-being based on the Five Elements theory!

Thomson Chinese Medicine: Supporters of Women’s Wellness

This event is a testament to Thomson Chinese Medicine’s dedication to empowering women to prioritize their health. By partnering with HCSA Dayspring Spin, we were able to offer single parents’ valuable knowledge and tools to navigate their well-being journey through TCM.

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