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Confinement can be a particularly stressful period for new mothers who have to take care of the baby while your body is recovering from the toils of the delivery process. From the TCM perspective, this is a crucial period to nourish your body and restore its energy to optimal levels.

How does Chinese herbal medicine help mothers during confinement?

Chinese herbal medicine catered for women during their confinement period will help new mothers in their recovery process. Thomson Chinese Medicine has specially formulated the 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care package, which comprises customised herb selections to meet each individual’s healing needs.

The herbs in the personalised 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care come in convenient sachets and capsules, and target the three stages of post-natal recovery:

(Up to 6 days after delivery)
Focuses on uterus recovery and improving the mother’s overall wellness.
(7 – 21 days after delivery)
Warms the body to prevent the invasion of “wind-dampness” and improves digestive functions for the absorption of nutrients that form the foundation for a steady supply of breastmilk.
(22 – 28 days after delivery)
Keeps the mother’s constitution balanced, strengthens the joints and muscles, nourishes the blood, and reinstates hormonal balance for overall vitality and to combat premature ageing.
How is the 28-Day Herbal Care package different from pre-packed herbs?

While pre-packed herbs or herbal soups also aim to help mothers during the confinement period, they are usually considered generic dietary nourishment. Thomson Chinese Medicine’s 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care package is prescribed by our TCM physician and tailored to each mother’s needs, addressing existing health concerns as well as boosting overall wellness.

How do I consume the confinement herbs?

Instead of spending time on brewing, we want you to have more time for yourself and your new bundle of joy. Our confinement herbs are customised for each person and packed into convenient herbal powder sachets and capsules for hassle-free consumption. It can be taken on its own or together with Thomson Confinement Food to enhance mother’s post-natal recovery.

Thomson Chinese Medicine’s 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care is an all-in-one TCM supplement package that includes:

  • 28 sachets of herbal powder
  • Cordyceps capsules
  • Mammgation-Duce capsules

Directions for when and how to take these will be provided when you collect the herbs. You may purchase the 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care package in advance at

When should I see the physician to get my confinement herbs?

Patients are to consult the TCM physician only after delivery. This is to ensure that the confinement herbs prescribed are tailored for both mother and baby.

  • For mothers delivering at Thomson Medical: Please call 6352 5800 upon admission to the hospital to arrange for our TCM physician to see you at your ward.
  • For mothers delivering at other hospitals: Please try to visit our clinic on the day you are discharged, or within a week from delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care package suitable for nursing mums?

Confinement herbs in the 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care package are mostly plant-based (sometimes with animal extracts) and will not cause adverse effects to either mother or baby, under proper prescription by a qualified TCM physician.

In fact, taking Chinese herbal medicine that has been specifically tailored for you may boost breastmilk production by regulating the flow of Qi and Blood.

Can I take other supplements/herbal soups on top of the prescribed 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care?

If you are taking any other supplements or western drugs, there should be a two-hour interval between taking the confinement herbs and any other supplements or medication.

It is perfectly fine to consume most herbal soups on top of the confinement herbs. The general guideline is to go easy on the dosage of the herbs used in herbal soups. If in doubt, you may wish to consult your TCM physician.

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