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Tan Sok Koon

TCM Physician
Bachelor of TCM (Guangzhou University of TCM)
Diploma in TCM (Singapore College of TCM)

“My interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began many years ago when I was searching for alternative treatments to manage my chronic allergy condition. Having witnessed the gradual and consistent improvement through Chinese medicine and acupuncture, I became determined to embark on a journey of learning and practising TCM. Since then, TCM has become a medical system that I am deeply passionate about.”

Physician Tan, a graduate of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, embraces a holistic approach to healing. With Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, she strives to restore balance in the body, facilitating optimal recuperative outcomes. Her expertise extends across various domains, encompassing respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinary disorders, pain management, fertility, TCM gynaecology, paediatric care, mental wellness, TCM dermatology, stroke rehabilitation, and more.

Ms. Tan is a fully registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician with the TCM Practitioners Board and a member of the Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association.

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