TCM Mini Confinement

A Mini TCM Confinement After Miscarriage

It is hard to imagine the emotional roller coaster a woman has to go through during a miscarriage. What could potentially complete her life and family now is a painful reminder of the loss. Though miscarriages may seem uncommon — one in four to six pregnancies to be exact — being one of the women who experience it can be physically and emotionally taxing.

Not only will you experience bodily changes, but you will also have to keep your mental health in check to get through the healing period. Some mums choose to go for the natural treatment of a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic in Singapore to aid in their mini-confinement practice, and it is maybe the healing process that may help you as well.

What is a TCM Mini-Confinement?

Confinement practices are present across Asia. While they differ from each other, they have one goal: to help mothers recover after labour. Compared to the TCM confinement programme mums are familiar with, a TCM mini-confinement is offered to women who needs to recover after a miscarriage. The duration is shorter since it only lasts for about two weeks, but could possibly last a month or longer if a TCM practitioner prescribes it.

What to Do During Mini-Confinement?

Even without completing your pregnancy, your body still undergoes hormonal, physiological, and metabolic changes that will be addressed during your mini-confinement period. To give you an idea of how a TCM mini-confinement goes, here are some of the general practices that will aid your recovery:

1. Limit Strenuous Body Movements

Strenuous activities during this period should be avoided. It is recommended to postpone your high intensity workouts and ask your family for help while you allow your body to recuperate.

2. Complement Nutritious Meals with Confinement Herbs

Everyone knows that nutrition is important for good recovery. Taking confinement herbs on top of a well-planned diet helps mothers to regain strength and hormonal balance. If you are not sure what confinement herbs to take, you can consider consulting our TCM physicians who will prescribe the confinement herbs you need.

Benefits of taking confinement herbs include:

  • Restore hormonal balance
  • Strengthen Energy & Blood
  • Invigorate Healthy Circulation
  • Emotional Wellness

3. Stay Away from Extreme Temperature Changes

If you like showering at night for a me-time, you might have to sacrifice it because exposing yourself to cold factors might delay your recovery. If possible, avoid prolonged stay in air-conditioned rooms and keep yourself warm.

Qi and Blood nourishing TCM herbs are also beneficial in warming your womb to make sure that any lochia (if any) is cleared. This is also important in establishing a good foundation for your next menstruation to prep for future pregnancies.

4. Allow Your Body to Rest

You shouldn’t strain your body after a miscarriage. Rest is essential during this time, and some even hire nannies to help them so that they can complete their treatment. If this is a decision that you want to proceed with, remember to bring your confinement nanny with you when you visit your TCM practitioner.

5. Be In-Touch with Your TCM Practitioner

Last but not least, you cannot get a personalised mini-confinement programme without the guidance of a TCM practitioner. Our physicians ensure that the confinement herbs that you will consume are tailored according to your medical history, age, lifestyle, among many other impactful factors that can affect your recovery. Trust that they will help in reinstating your hormonal balance so you would have the suitable body condition that will allow you to try conceiving again in the future.

Mini-Confinement Programme from Thomson Chinese Medicine Clinic

At Thomson Chinese Medicine, we have experienced TCM practitioners who will work with you in enhancing the recovery of your recent miscarriage. Our treatment process in coming up with a mini-confinement programme for you will address existing health concerns as well as improving your overall wellness!

Allow us to work together in helping you heal and eventually assist you with your fertility process. If you want to know more about our mini-confinement herbs and fertility treatment, feel free to contact us on our website!

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