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Self-Care Routines to Boost Fertility

Preparing for pregnancy or in the process of doing IUI or IVF? Foot bath and moxibustion are useful self-care routines y …

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5 TCM Pantry Herbs to Improve Digestion

In TCM, a happy digestion means happy Spleen. You may be eating healthy but without a good digestion system, the rest of …

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Our Physicians’ Favourite TCM Tea

We asked our physicians to share with us their favourite TCM tea, which you can prepare at home for you and your family. …

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Stay-at-Home Workout with Ba Duan Jin

As gyms and sports facilities are closed during this circuit breaker period, we introduce a simple workout – Ba Duan Jin …

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Prepare These 5 Popular Herbal Soups at Home

We share some popular TCM herbal soups that can strengthen and nourish your body during this COVID-19 period. Read more …

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