A TCM Guide to Paediatric Eczema
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A TCM Guide to Paediatric Eczema

Paediatric eczema is a common skin condition that affects millions of children worldwide. In Singapore, a significant portion of the population suffers from the condition, with approximately one in five children experiencing eczema

Atopic dermatitis, a type of eczema, has been linked to genetic factors, meaning that children may have a higher likelihood of developing the condition if one or both parents have it. Additionally, a family history of allergic rhinitis or asthma may also increase the risk of developing eczema. 

As parents, it can be frustrating and overwhelming to see your child suffer from red, itchy and inflamed skin that leads to sleepless nights and a poor quality of life. This is where Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) comes into play — it offers a natural and holistic approach to managing and relieving paediatric eczema

Keep reading to find out how TCM and eczema are connected. 

How Does TCM View Eczema?

How Does TCM View Eczema-TCM Eczema singapore

TCM recognises that eczema is not just a skin condition, but a symptom of an underlying imbalance in the body — wind-heat and damp-heat are some of the common causes and children are more susceptible to these imbalances as they tend to have higher levels of internal heat. Factors such as hot baths and fever can exacerbate these imbalances and trigger eczema symptoms.

By addressing the root cause of eczema, TCM provides long-term relief without the use of harsh medications or the risk of serious side effects. If you wish to avoid Western medications or steroid creams, TCM offers a natural alternative through methods such as acupuncture and dietary modifications to restore balance to the body’s internal systems. 

TCM Treatment Modalities for Paediatric Eczema

As children tend to have high levels of energy, they can be more receptive to TCM treatments that work by rebalancing the body’s natural energy flow. Consequently, TCM often yields fast and effective results in managing and relieving paediatric eczema.

  • Paediatric Massage

Paediatric massage tcm

Paediatric massage targets specific acupoints to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and restore inner balance. This helps to reduce inflammation, relieve itching and improve overall skin health in children with eczema. 

Paediatric massage is a gentle and safe approach that can boost the child’s natural immunity to reduce eczema flare-ups, making it an ideal treatment modality for infants and young children. The 20-minute session is a relaxing and soothing experience that children readily embrace.

  • Herbal baths

Herbal bath remedies for eczema often contain herbs that have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and can be prescribed by a TCM physician.  

It is easy to prepare a herbal bath — the herbs are typically steeped in hot water for a period of time and added to warm water. Your child can then be immersed in the bath for a period of time, allowing the skin to absorb the herbal properties and promote healing. 

  • Herbal medications

Herbal medications for eczema are prescribed by a TCM physician and usually come in the form of powders for easy consumption for kids. 

The herbs work by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms and addressing the root cause of eczema. They also improve digestion and boost immunity to prevent future flare-ups, improving your child’s quality of life in the long run. 

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TCM Tips for Paediatric Eczema

TCM Tips for Paediatric Eczema-TCM Eczema singapore

TCM believes in a holistic approach to managing eczema, which means that tips can range from lifestyle modifications and natural remedies to other practices that promote overall health and well-being. 

  • Short baths using mild or unscented soap

Bathing helps to remove irritants but prolonged exposure to water and harsh soaps can also dry out and further irritate the skin. To avoid this, it is recommended to keep baths short, no more than 10 minutes, and use mild or unscented soap. 

Alternatively, choose herbal baths that will make your child’s everyday shower routine a gentle and non-irritating one. 

  • Wear breathable clothes

Synthetic fabrics and tight-fitting clothing can trap moisture and irritants against the skin, exacerbating eczema symptoms. Breathable materials like cotton, on the other hand, allows the skin to breathe and helps to prevent moisture buildup, reducing the risk of further irritation. 

  • Keep your child’s fingernails short

Eczema can cause itching but keeping your child’s fingernails short reduces the risk of scratching and prevents secondary infections. 

Use a non-scented moisturiser to further relieve itching without having to worry about unwanted side effects. 

A Gentle and Natural Approach to Paediatric Eczema

TCM goes beyond addressing the external symptoms of eczema and instead focuses on restoring balance to the body using natural remedies. 

If you are seeking a gentle and natural approach to managing your child’s eczema symptoms, TCM may be worth exploring as a safe and effective alternative or complementary treatment to Western methods.

At Thomson Chinese Medicine, a TCM clinic in Singapore, our physicians are committed to providing a long-term solution that can lead to lasting relief and improved skin health for children. 

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