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Fatigue: The Potential Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired

Do you find it strange that you sleep for eight hours or more only to wake up still tired? Everyone gets tired from time …

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Our Physicians’ Favourite TCM Tea

We asked our physicians to share with us their favourite TCM tea, which you can prepare at home for you and your family. …

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Stay-at-Home Workout with Ba Duan Jin

As gyms and sports facilities are closed during this circuit breaker period, we introduce a simple workout – Ba Duan Jin …

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TCM Home Tips to Ease Your Pain

Our physicians share some simple ways to ease your pain for common issues such as headache, stiff neck and shoulders, lo …

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Prepare These 5 Popular Herbal Soups at Home

We share some popular TCM herbal soups that can strengthen and nourish your body during this COVID-19 period. Read more …

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