Slowing Down the Ageing Process During Menopause With TCM
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Slowing Down the Ageing Process During Menopause With TCM

Ageing is an inevitable and natural process that affects us all – as we grow older, our bodies undergo several changes that can impact our physical, emotional and mental well-being. For women, the onset of menopause marks a significant milestone in the ageing process, signifying the end of reproductive years and the start of a new phase in life. 

However, there is always hope! Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes on a holistic approach to ageing that can help slow down the process and promote overall health and wellness during menopause

With its roots dating back thousands of years, TCM has been used to improve the quality of life for people of all ages and continues to be relevant and effective today. Through a combination of all-natural therapies, TCM adopts a holistic approach for anyone looking to age gracefully and maintain optimal health. 

Keep reading to find out how TCM comes into play during menopause.

TCM’s Views on Life Cycles and Menopause

TCM Views on Life Cycles and Menopause-TCM Clinic Singapore

According to TCM, the ageing processes are referred to as “life cycles” and counted in years of eight for men and years of seven for women. This means that women age faster than men while having to go through many big life changes such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause

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Menopause, in particular, can be challenging – while some women may welcome the change, others may experience symptoms that can make the transition taxing. 

From TCM’s perspective, menopause is not an isolated event but rather, symptoms present themselves due to imbalances in the body. To address these imbalances, physicians use a combination of therapies including acupuncture, herbal medications and dietary recommendations, to help women balance their hormones, maintain their energy levels and enhance their overall well-being.

Whether you are experiencing hot flashes, night sweats or mood swings, or simply looking for ways to maintain your health and vitality as you age, TCM is a safe, natural and alternative solution to managing menopausal symptoms in a different way. 

TCM Therapies That Help to Manage Menopause Symptoms 

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture-tcm clinic singapore

Needles are inserted into acupoints during acupuncture to stimulate the flow of Qi, managing symptoms like hot flashes and pain by balancing hormones and regulating the body’s energy levels. It has been used for years to help women maintain their health and balance during this important time in their lives. 

But what sets acupuncture apart from conventional treatments is that it addresses the root causes of imbalances in the body, helping to promote overall health and longevity of the results. Not only will you experience relief from your symptoms, but can also look forward to increased energy, better sleep and a sense of calm and balance during these tumultuous times. 

2. Moxibustion

Moxibustion-tcm clinic singapore

During a moxibustion treatment in Singapore, a small amount of dried mugwort is burned near specific acupoints on the body and the heat generated stimulates the flow of Qi, which is believed to help balance hormones, reduce inflammation and improve overall well-being. 

Moxibustion is also a form of self-care that can be done in the comfort of your own home with moxa sticks and by targeting the right points. Consult your TCM physician when in doubt as they will be more than happy to provide advice on how you can approach moxibustion on your own. 

In fact, researchers found that 14 sessions of moxibustion can reduce the severity and frequency of hot flashes

3. Herbal medications

Herbal Medications-Menopause Singapore

Herbal medications are a key component in promoting wellness and balancing the body, and it is no different when it comes to managing the symptoms of menopause. Bai shao and dang gui are some common herbs prescribed to help relieve hot flashes and ease other menopause symptoms. 

Each herb has its own unique properties and benefits – they target deficiencies in the organs to sustain vitality and allow maximum nourishment – and can be combined in specific formulas to address individual health needs. 

Discover the Power of Traditional Healing for a Manageable Menopause Journey

Discover the Power of Traditional Healing for a Manageable Menopause Journey-menopause singapore

Thomson Chinese Medicine is a TCM clinic in Singapore offering acupuncture, moxibustion and more that will help women transition smoothly and comfortably through menopause. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to managing the symptoms of menopause. Thus, our TCM physicians are committed to providing personalised treatment plans while also educating patients on lifestyle changes. 

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