Lu Xiao Jian TCM Physician

Lu Xiao Jian

TCM Physician
Master of TCM (Liaoning University of TCM)
Diploma in TCM (Singapore College of TCM)

“My interest in TCM started at a young age from the stories shared with me by my grandmother who was a TCM Physician. My passion grew as I started practising TCM specialising in TCM gynaecology after my graduation. The joy of seeing the smiling faces of my patients when their fertility issues are resolved fulfills me deeply as a physician.”

Ms Lu graduated from Liaoning University of TCM with a Masters in Gynaecology. Having obtained her TCM Practising Certificate in 2008, she has been treating patients with infertility issues, as well as other gynaecological conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS. She also has a keen interest in confinement care, internal medicine and acupuncture.

Ms Lu is a fully registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician with the TCM Practitioners’ Board.


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