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What the Colour of Your Period Tells About Your Health and Fertility

When trying to get pregnant, it can be surprising how much there is to learn about your menstrual cycle, fertility, and …

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Self-Care Routines to Boost Fertility

Preparing for pregnancy or in the process of doing IUI or IVF? Foot bath and moxibustion are useful self-care routines y …

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TCM Fertility Diet: Foods to Boost Chances of Conceiving

A healthy diet and lifestyle choices can boost fertility and paying regular visits to your fertility physician and looki …

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Four Reasons to Choose TCM for Natural Fertility Treatments

In a perfect world, conceiving a child when a couple is ready should be a straightforward matter.

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Maintaining Healthy Menstrual Cycle with Acupuncture

There are four important milestones in a woman’s reproductive life – menstruation, pregnancy, labour and menopause.

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